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Zafu Ikeda Yoga Meditation Cushion 20 inch/50 cm Diameter

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In Japanese tradition, Meditation practitioners sit on the zafu Ikeda to begin performing their practice. The Zafu Ikeda has the function of allowing the lower pelvis to be tilted forward and resting the knees on the ground, achieving an adequate lumbar curve. The two knees and coccyx are the points on which the position is held to achieve a balanced and stable. posture. When you´re meditating on top of a zafu Ikeda, all the muscles relax, the heart rate goes down, the blood pressure drops, the breathing becomes deeper and your capacity for concentration increases, thus favoring a deeper and calmer meditation.

❤ Best choice: Hand-woven from natural cornhusk & bulrush straw also known as cattail is blended into one by experienced Japanese artisans for a thick rustic, breathable comfort looks features, to be enjoyed both Indoors and Outdoors of any home.

❤ High quality materials: This comfortable seat cushion is hand knitted for durability and filled with a strong silk wool filling to long retain its natural color, texture and fragrance of the bulrush plant.

❤ A Simple ergonomic design that easily fits into your home design in every room every corner for that Zen space look. Color is symbolic of peace and helps to open the heart chakra by clearing negative emotions. This color infuses deep and rejuvenating healing energy into your practice and inspires you to move out of a space of love and compassion. Cool in summer and warm in winter, adds more warmth and comfort.

❤ Multifunctional can be easily carried for superior comfort to an outdoor camping site, concerts, balcony, terrace or other places of choice. Comes with hooks for easy storage. It can be used as a parent-child play mat, window upholstery, Zafu meditation, yoga and baby play etc. Great comfort as a back cushion against wall, floor sofa or any other place to sit at home.