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9 Pit Bronze Paniyaram Pan

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Bronze pits pan is a unique creation of the traditional cookware from the state of Kerala in South India, predominantly used to make unniyappam and paniyaram with a tasteful texture. According to the popular Ayurveda scripture Rasaratna Samucchchaya cooking in Bronze kitchenware helps pacify the pitta dosha and improves the general condition of your overall health. “Kuzhi Paniyaram” was not indigenous to Chettinad cuisine. These mini donut size bites have a little piece of their shades in western cuisines too. For e.g., in the US they classify them as “Pancake Puffs”, in the Danish customs as “Ebleskiver” traditionally served with wine right before Christmas, in the Dutch culture known as “Poffertjes” served with powdered sugar and butter or with syrup, in Indonesia as “Kue Cubit” and in Japanese cuisine as “Takoyaki”.

This Bronze Pits Pan is handcrafted by our artisans from the State of Kerala in India by hand, with a combination of copper and tin that is sustainable and has radiant heat cooking function to slow cook with less heat and balance moisture naturally emanated from the food with a unique amalgamation of flavors and textures.

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