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Seasonal Home Needs Soapstone Cookwares

What is Soapstone Cookware?

“Steatite, also known as soapstone, is characterized by its soft, oily texture, which closely resembles soap, earning it its name. This rock is predominantly made of talc, contributing to its unique texture. In the culinary world, soapstone’s standout quality is its ability to retain and distribute heat evenly, enhancing cooking experiences.
Traditionally carved by hand, these kitchen vessels, known by various names such as ‘Panela de pedra-sabão’ in Portuguese and , ‘kal chatti’ in Tamil, are made from soapstone or Steatite. Esteemed since ancient times, especially in regions like Brazil and India, these soapstone cookwares have been integral to cooking, serving, and food storage practices dating back to the Stone Age, maintaining their popularity through the ages. Soapstone cookware requires careful maintenance, including specific conditioning, handling, and cleaning methods. Its ability to withstand high temperatures makes it ideal for slow cooking, a method favored for foods needing prolonged cooking times over gentle wood fires. Traditionally Soapstone Pots were very popular for making slow cooked meals like stews, searing and sauteing meats and vegetables alongside storing a variety of food items like milk, curd, buttermilk, salt, tamarind, extracts, pickles, etc., effectively preserving them. The stone’s insulating properties help in keeping food warm for longer periods, akin to a casserole. Due to its non-porous nature Soapstone cookware has great resistance to bacterial growth, which helps in maintaining the food’s freshness for longer time. In order to keep your Brazilian soapstone cookware in excellent condition for a long time, it is important to adhere to a few essential steps. 

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Soapstone Cookwares

Soapstone Cookware

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Seasonal Home Needs Soapstone Cookwares
Seasonal Home Needs Soapstone Cookwares
Seasonal Home Needs Soapstone Cookwares

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Beautiful soapstone cookware. I’m so excited to use this pots. Very good quality and packed very nicely and safe to protect the products. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have something healthy and natural product.”

— Sandra, Winston Salem – North Carolina

“Amazing product and amazing customer experiance.”

— Eddie, Ogden – UTAH

I just received my pot and it is lovely and it is seasoned/cured already! Which I didn’t know. I will be back to get another pot.

MonaLisa, STANWOOD – Washington State


✨ Embark on an enchanting journey with us as our skilled artisans reveal their passion and expertise in an awe-inspiring video🎬 as ordinary rocks are magically transformed into beautiful pots for cooking known as Soapstone Cookware, celebrating the beauty of handmade craftsmanship by the exceptional talent and dedication of our master artisans from Brazil. ✨