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20 Nov, 2023

If you are a wellness enthusiast and love cooking, then you probably appreciate how important the quality of your pots and pans is? Until a few years ago the usual standard cookware options were cast iron and stainless steel, both of which slowly began to take on with another option that few began talking about, how with just a single use you can get obsessed with. It’s called the Soapstone cookware and if you love to cook, bake, grill, roast, fry barbeque or even sauté then you should be checking it out ASAP. Why? One of the properties that the soap stone cookware has, is its natural ability to retain heat twice as long facilitating to function both as cookware as well as a serving piece that darkens to charcoal patina after curing and also being one of the very few stones that is non-porous and bacteria unaffected which helps the surface be resistant to stains and liquid damages.
Brazilian Barroca Soapstone is one of the kinds that truly represents “the classic soapstone”. Very traditional in nature and inspired from the Mariana region of Brazil with a beautiful light gray, turning charcoal black with occasional white veining after curing with oil. True to the fact, that it is very ideal material for Cookware that can be placed directly to use on Gas, Oven, Electric, Wood Fire, Charcoal, Grill and also on the Induction Cooktop with a heat adapter plate.
Now before you start cooking, your soapstone pots and pans first needs to be cured to give it the longest life possible. The absorption of the oil by the soapstone pots will also leave it with a non-stick finish making it easy to clean and long lasting. Whichever technique you use, the principal of curing is to saturate the thick walls of the stone to prevent moisture and strong flavors from penetrating into the stone.
There are many techniques for seasoning or curing soap stone cookware , we follow the Brazilian way, you are welcome to send us yours if you have any other ones too!

Curing Soapstone Pots

1. Wash the pot with a soft cloth, sponge or soft brush in normal running water(Neither cold nor hot). Allow the water to evaporate naturally and dry thoroughly. If you have access to sunlight, place them in a safe place till dry otherwise inside of your home on a countertop also works fine.
2. Drizzle small amount of edible neutral cooking oil into the pot. Using a soft cloth or paper towel, spread the oil on all surfaces of the pot inside out including the lid.
3. Place the pot on the stove on very low heat, fill the pot with boiling water till the level of the copper band. Keep increasing the fire of the stove every 5 minutes till the water begins to boil. At roaring boil, switch off the stove and remove the lid to keep aside.
4. Let the water and the pot completely cool. Empty the water from the pot and let dry completely.
5. Reapply oil to the inside of the pot and now it is ready to cook.
6. For deeper curing, repeat the above steps from 1 to 5 again.

Curing Soapstone Pans, Grills, and lids

1. Wash the pot with a sponge or brush in normal water. Allow to dry thoroughly.
2. Place a small amount of edible cooking oil in a dish.
3. Using a cloth or paper towel, spread the oil on all surfaces of the grill, pan or lid.
4. Preheat the oven to 350 deg Fahrenheit. Place the piece in the oven for 15 minutes
5. Let cool completely.
6. For deeper curing, repeat the above steps from 1 to 5 again.

Embracing soapstone cookware in your culinary arsenal means investing in a piece of history known for its durability, health benefits, and cooking efficiency. With the right care, your soapstone pots and pans can be a testament to the timeless art of cooking, passed down through generations. Let the journey begin with the first seasoning and unfold into countless meals that bring warmth and joy to your table.