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  • Origin: Handcrafted in India
  • Material: Indian Soapstone

After placing your order, we meticulously season your soapstone pot, ensuring it’s primed for your culinary use right from the start. Each product is paired with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions to guide you through its initial use and ongoing maintenance. We welcome any questions you might have and will respond as soon as possible.

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Advantages of Using Kalchatti

Adaptability : Kalchatti is a paragon of versatility,  accommodating a wide range of culinary creations from liquid dishes and gravy-based curries to semi-solid foods. It's not just a cooking essential but also a reliable storage solution, preserving the freshness of various items including milk, curd, buttermilk, rock salt, tamarind extracts, and pickles.

Extended Heat Retention : When you cook with Kalchatti, every dish not only retains its authentic aroma but also benefits from the cookware’s insulating properties. Acting akin to a casserole, Kalchatti ensures your culinary delights remain piping hot for extended durations, allowing for a warm, enjoyable meal anytime.

Non-Porous : The dense and non-porous characteristic of Kalchatti offers an added layer of protection to your food. It creates a formidable barrier against bacterial intrusion, hindering any microbial growth on its surface, and in turn, extending the shelf life of your cooked delicacies.

Flexibility : Whether you are using ovens, electric, glass, or gas induction stovetops, or perhaps cooking over wood, charcoal fires, or grills, Kalchatti seamlessly adapts to various cooking methods. Its unparalleled versatility and functionality make it a timeless addition to your kitchen, enhancing each cooking and dining experience with its unique properties and traditional charm.

Oven Compatibility: Our cookware harmonizes perfectly with a range of ovens, including gas and electric, both convection and conventional.

Cooktop Mastery: Whether your kitchen boasts a gas, electric, or induction cooktop, our cookware effortlessly adapts to your chosen cooking style.