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Soapstone Jar 10 oz


In the realm of sustainable living, soapstone emerges as an unparalleled green choice for discerning homeowners. Unlike conventional quarrying practices that mar the Earth’s beauty, soapstone mining is a testament to environmentally conscious sourcing.Rather than gouging into mountains or delving to excessive depths, soapstone’s discovery takes place in small quarries where the stone naturally gathers. This conscientious approach eliminates the ecological toll of extreme excavation and preserves the delicate balance of our planet. It’s a true testament to how harmonious coexistence with nature can be achieved. Our Soapstone Jar, a true embodiment of artistry and tradition, is meticulously handcrafted by artisans from Kenya. Using only the most basic hand tools, each piece becomes a tribute to the essence of craftsmanship. This cherished heirloom captures the essence of remembrance and tradition, embodying the soul of an ancient art form in a modern context.