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Soapstone Wine Glass,12oz,Set of 4


Soapstone is a safe green choice for home goods as it is the most eco-friendly and sustainable natural stone available to us. They are found in small quarries where the stone is gathered as there is no cutting into mountains or digging to extreme depths that harm the earth. Soapstone is naturally bacteria resistant, so no harsh chemicals are used in its fabrication, can be cleaned with just plain water. Soapstone continues to be eco-friendly after harvest as well; continues to maintain its temperature hot or cold, requiring less energy during use.
Whether you prefer Hot Piping Coffee or Scotch on the Rocks, or a cool wine you can literally do them with these new Soapstone Beverage Cups. These cups are chillable, and reusable as they are handcrafted from solid soapstone, a remarkable feature to conduct and retain coldness or heat in even way. Simply place them in the freezer 1 hour before you pour your favorite spirit or wine, sit back relax and enjoy. As they are non-porous, odorless, and tasteless, they hold the cold, so that flavor, aroma, and body are preserved. Their unique ability rests in retaining hot/cold temperatures for more than 30 minutes so you can sip your drink at leisure. Introducing soapstone to your lifestyle is the definition of “Natural Living”.

Instructions for use

Pour your drink to serve as it is or place cups in freezer for 1–2 hours to serve chilled.
Any contact to sudden heat can damage the pieces, hence they are not microwave or stovetop safe.
Not dishwasher safe. Hand Rinse only after each use.

Due to their Non-porous, odorless, tasteless natural material, color variations are expected